Senses Fail have been working on the follow up to 2018's If There Is Light, It Will Find You for some time now and we're getting an update on their progress today.

In a series of tweets, the band are giving fans an update on when the record will be arriving and it seems like it could be coming very soon pending on how the coronavirus situation develops.

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Senses Fail entered the studio in February to start working on the new album. At the time it was tentatively called Hell Is In Your Head

Then, we learned that the album would give closure to the themes and characters from their 2006 record Still Searching

Still Searching is their highest-charting record so far, yet, Buddy Nielsen is completely confident this new record is light years ahead of anything they’ve done.

Last month, they ended up revealing the record’s full title would be What The Thunder Said, Hell Is In Your Head.

The band are working with Saosin‘s Beau Burchell again and remarked that this is the most amount of time they’ve spent on a record.

On top of the new album though, they're packaging a covers record while under quarantine.

They’ve already finished recording “We’re Only Gonna Die” by Bad Religion and mentioned that they are covering a Morrissey song while they could potentially be covering Jawbreaker and the Get Up Kids.

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Now, the band are hitting their social media to give fans an update on where they're at.

Are you excited to hear Senses Fail's new record whenever it arrives? Let us know in the comments below.

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