Super Bowl LIII is just a week and change away, but the upcoming NFL showdown between the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots is already causing a fervor in football fans, of course. Case in point: Senses Fail singer Buddy Nielsen leading his audience in a passionate chant of competition. Its sole message? "Fuck the Pats."

At least that's what appears to be happening in recent fan-captured footage of a Senses Fail gig. And while we aren't privy to the presumed instructions Nielsen set forth for the anti-Patriots incantation, the clip drops us in right as the musician and crowd began the call-and-response chant of F-bomb fury against the Homeland Defense. Watch it below.

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"[H]aving the whole crowd chant 'F*** the Pats' before the Super Bowl is a mood that I am fully here for," writes Twitter user @ScruggleBus, who originally shared the clip online. (Not to mention, Nielsen himself seems to have "liked" the tweet.)

And this isn't the first time the Senses Fail singer has laid out his aggressive side. He once credited his New Jersey upbringing with immersing him in a bristly everyday demeanor, the cruelty of life seemingly showing its teeth in the Garden State.

"People are f—ing a—holes in New Jersey," Nielsen told the website in 2011. "People aren’t very nice to each other. ... In Jersey, there’s this undercurrent of aggression...more so than almost anywhere else in the world."

Perhaps that explains the musician's vocal quarrelsomeness when it comes to sports. In the same conversation, the Senses Fail frontman—himself from Ridgewood—described the confrontational attitude he felt from many a New Jersey citizen.

"In Jersey, if you’re different or not like them, it’s easy to get called names and get picked on," Nielsen explained. "[W]hereas in other parts of the country like down south, when you have a difference, you don’t necessarily voice it. You keep it to yourself. Here, you voice it no matter what."

Were you aware of the Senses Fail singer's stance on the New England Patriots? Who will you be rooting for in this year's Super Bowl? Sound off in the comments section and let us know your thoughts. Super Bowl LIII airs Feb. 3 on CBS.

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