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Welcome to the first installment of Senses Fail’s studio blog. Over the coming weeks, while the band are recording their fifth album, guitarist Zack Roach will check in here with posts to let you, AP web readers, know what's going on in the studio. Stay tuned.

November 17, 2012

Hey everyone!

Today is our last day at Red Bull Studios.  We just finished the drums, so we're hanging out in the control room listening to all of the magical sounds!  Did I mention that today is my birthday? Well it is!  When it's your birthday, Matt does the scratch guitar for the songs, leaving you to drink all day like a champion. 

What do you drink when you are chilling hard as fuck in a baller studio?  I'll tell you what: A “Crosses Special.”  I'm going to teach you how to make one. 

VODKA!First, find a couple cuties—the little silly oranges, I mean!  Then, get a knife and cut them in half.  After that, grab a large glass and fill it with ice.  Then, find some vodka (Tito's or Absolut will do), and pour it into the glass.  You are going for around a four count if you know how to bartend, or just fill it so the glass is a third-full. 

Once your vodka is in there, squeeze those cuties and get all the juice out and into the drink.

Squeezin' Cuties


Once all four halves have been emptied into the drink, pour a bunch of sugar-free Red Bull in there.  After that, stir it all up with the same knife that you cut the cuties in half with.

The Final Touches

Chilling at Red Bull studios Then drink that shit and have a killer time with your buds.  You'll be saying shit like, "Killer bush, man!" in no time.

Last night, our good friend Cody came and spent the night, and we listened to lots of music and drank many beers.  Tonight we are going out to sing karaoke for Dan’s and my birthday with a bunch of our friends that live around here. 

Well, that's all I have for now.  Tomorrow we are getting our pictures taken, and that's going to be tight.  Then a day off, which I will probably just spend with some chips, a good book and the internet.  Lots of internet on days off for all of us.

See ya in the showers,

Zack & Senses Fail