Hey everyone,

Sorry it's taken me a while to update.  We have been really busy finishing bass at the Airport Studios and celebrating Thanksgiving.  I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving, because we sure did. 

The days leading up to it were pretty relaxed.  A few of our significant others came to town to celebrate Thanksgiving with us so that was cool.  We played lots of bass and drank beer back at our apartment once we were done at the studio. Kind of taking it easy before the huge turkey celebration. 

On Thanksgiving, we all went to Buddy's girlfriend's parents’ house and raged hard taking part in what I like to call a "Peruvian Thanksgiving.”  We drank these drinks called Pisco Sours.  Over and over.  There was a plate holding bottles of Mexican beer and it was never empty.  We watched football and ate all sorts of amazing food.  Then, we all formed teams and played Trivial Pursuit.  We started with the 80s’ version, but that lasted for like, three questions before we realized we had to be 70 years old to know any of the answers. 

Matt and I were on a team, Buddy and his girlfriend, Dan and his wife, and then there was a team of, like, five very loud women and men from Argentina.  They would yell out the answer to every question and tell Matt and I all the answers so we ended up winning the game.  Then we all learned how to Salsa. 

Yesterday we finished the bass, I started on rhythm guitars and Buddy even sang some vocals.  I can't wait for everyone to hear how different this album is going to sound.  I think it's going to be pretty fucking awesome.  Shaun Lopez is really bringing some crazy shit out of us, and we are all very stoked. 

Anyway, we’re going to work on more guitars and vocals today. 

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Zack & Senses Fail