November 29 - December 2

Hey everyone,

Things are moving along very well at the Airport Studios.  In the past three days, Matt and I (and sometimes Shaun when we need a real Viking-ish wrist) have finished all the rhythm guitars.  Buddy has been knocking out lots of screaming in the evenings, as well.  Everything has been completed and checked off the list except some vocals and the lead guitars.  I expect things to get super-weird next week.  Shaun is most likely going to get all Weird Science and freak out with his pedals.  Expect lots of e-bows, pitch shifters, some lap-steel, all sorts of weird shit.

I don't have a lot more to say besides that it's Sunday so a few of the dudes went to watch the Ravens’ game while Buddy and I stayed at the apartment to watch the Packers.  I'm going to go catch up with some family now. I hope everyone has a rad week. 

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