Hey everyone,

The past week has been a busy one for everybody. In the last update, we were finishing the rhythm guitars in preparation for lead guitars and Buddy's singing parts.

All of that has been going great. Our schedule has shifted a bit. Usually we would go into the studio and shred guitars until around 8 p.m. then move on to vocals. Now, we have been hanging back at the apartment or travelling around to various parts of Los Angeles to kill time before going in to listen to Buddy sing.

The record is really turning out fantastic. There is a level of clarity and heaviness that I think everyone will appreciate—still plenty of catchy parts, though. This one is just super-. Well, it's heavy as fuck. I really don't have a better way of explaining it.

Right now, we are about to do gang vocals and Buddy is adding some finishing touches to a few songs. Then, Matt and I fly home while Buddy and Dan stay behind to finish a few things and check in on the mixing process.

From now on, your fearless leader Buddy will be doing the updates. Thanks to everyone for reading these posts. We are so excited for you all to hear this album.

Zack & Senses Fail