The internet loves to debate anything and everything, so it’s really no surprise that includes whether or not a Sesame Street character dabbled in some profanity.

Just like Laurel vs. Yanny and the infamous dress before it, earlier this week, the internet was at odds over whether or not Grover cursed during an episode. However, a famous puppeteer for the series has since settled the debate.

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Originally, reddit user schrodert shared his discovery via a video where Grover expresses his excitement over an idea.

“May have just found next ‘Yanni or Laurel’ soundbite thanks to my daughter’s obsession with Elmo,” the user writes. “Listen once thinking Grover says ‘Yes, yes, that’s a f**king excellent idea’ then again KNOWING he actually says ‘Yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea.’ I hear either based on what I’m thinking.”

The internet was divided with people picking sides and some hearing both. Now, Sesame Street puppeteer Frank Oz is chiming in.

Oz has worked on the show for nearly 50 years as Grover, Cookie Monster and Bert. He also notably worked with Jim Henson's Muppets as Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal and Sam Eagle.

A Twitter user shared the now infamous scene, tagging Oz in her comment: “Can’t stop laughing at this. Does Grover drop the f-bomb occasionally?”

A second Twitter user suggested someone edited it in. And if someone didn’t edit it, Sesame Street clearly would’ve removed it. Oz also responded to this, explaining the purity of the characters.

“I’ve never understood why some people love imagining that, between takes, we screw around with the characters by having them swear or having them use sexual innuendos or putting cigarettes in their mouths and laughing. We don’t. It would be a betrayal of the character’s purity.”

The same user referred to 2017 documentary Muppet Guys Talking, which Oz appeared in as proof that they honor the purity. Oz further elaborated on it in a response.

“Thanks. I’m glad you watched MUPPET GUYS TALKING and now understand. But it’s not about the children. We don’t perform for children. It’s about believing in the characters. If we radically went against who they were inside It would be like an actor having Hamlet tap dance.”

In his final tweet on the viral clip, Oz shared Mark Hamill’s comment, which reads, “Audio Illusion: It works both ways. First: Listen to it knowing he actually says "That sounds like an excellent idea"- It's pure Sesame Street. Next: Listen to it & you're sure he dropped the F-bomb. It's #GangstaGrover on The Sopranos. #Fuggeddaboutit.”

So long story short, Oz assures all of us that Grover did not say “fuck,” and we should all stop debating it.

Check out the clip in question below.

Which version do you hear Grover say? Let us know in the comments!

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