Set It Off have released their new album, Elsewhere, via Fearless Records. According to a press release, Set It Off have been “exploring the theme of neon macabre” throughout the record.

In addition, they will host a Zoom karaoke and Q&A session March 23.

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The brightness of the album's visuals mixed with a new layer of vulnerability in the lyrics creates a project that is flashy and bold yet still familiar for fans.

They describe Elsewhere as a “transitional and forward-thinking” album, “one in which the individual members have surmounted their demons and resurrected as happier and more full of life than ever before.”

The new album follows the release of singles, including “Skeleton,” “Projector” and “Who's In Control.”

Set It Off recently embarked on the Welcome To Elsewhere tour, which brought the aforementioned neon macabre aesthetic to life across U.S. stages.

Listen to Set It Off's Elsewhere below.

Elsewhere tracklist

1. “Skeleton”
2. “Projector”
3. “Cut Off”
4. “Loose Cannon”
5. “Why Do I”
6. “As Good As It Gets”
7. “Who’s In Control”
8. “Taste of the Good Life”
9. “Why Not Me”
10. “Dangerous”
11. “Cordial”
12. “The Magic 8”
13. “Playing With Bad Luck”
14. “Peekaboo”
15. “Catch a Break”
16. “Better Than This”