We love a good conspiracy theory. While the never-ending conspiracies surrounding Avril Lavigne seem to continually reappear, a new conspiracy has surfaced—this time surrounding Set It Off's Maxx Danziger.

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A fan took to Twitter yesterday to point out a possible theory that the Avril Lavigne conspiracy could involve SIO drummer Maxx Danziger.

"There's a conspiracy theory going around that, like Avril Lavigne, you've been replaced and are not the real Maxx Danziger. Thoughts?"

Maxx replied to the tweet to debunk the theory, but ended up providing fans with an entirely new conspiracy.

"Interesting theory, but the reality is that there is no Maxx Danziger, because he doesn't actually exist."

Maxx tried to shed a little bit of light on the situation.

We still have questions.

While we ponder over this possible simulation, check out Set It Off's latest music video for their track "Dancing With The Devil".

What's your favorite conspiracy theory in our scene? Sound off a few of your favorites in the comments below!

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