At last night's show in Pensacola, FL with the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Set It Off frontman Cody Carson injured himself while performing, stating that he hit his head on a guard rail. AP reached to Carson for comment, who described the entire situation for us.

"There was a two foot gap from the stage to the barrier and I was walking to go jump onto the barrier," he says. "I guess my foot caught a cord or something and I broke my fall with my face." Carson says that he has not been able to go to a hospital, but that he doesn't believe he has a concussion or any other damage and that the wound should heal fine. He estimates the wound is about 3-inches vertical right below his hair.

The injury occured during their second song of the night and Carson took the time to really live up to the rock 'n' roll ethos by powering through their set. "It's a rock show and there's blood--they were actually kind of into it, " he says laughing. "I just started playing along with it and wiping my blood off my face and licking it to fuck with people. It was awesome."