Set It Off frontman Cody Carson joins APTV Correspondent Caity Babcock in the Gibson Backstage Artist Lounge after presenting the award for Best Vocalist at the APMAs.

He talks about sharing a vocal coach with Hayley Williams, the difficulties of reading from a teleprompter and about the video for SIO’s song “Why Worry,” which was nominated for both Song Of The Year and Best Music Video this year.

“When the song came together we kind of already knew what we wanted the music to be like,” says Carson instagram. “The verses are very minor and asking thought-provoking questions. The chorus is very optimistic and major-keyed and uplifting. I kind of wanted to exemplify that in a video.

“So, we split [our fans, the extras] into wearing white clothes and all dark clothes, [to represent] your positive thoughts and negative thoughts battling each other.”

He also talks about going acoustic with songs from Duality and bringing passion into songwriting.

“As a songwriter, I feel like any songwriter you talk to will say that it stems from a topic of passion. It’s hard to get behind a song you don’t care about,” says Carson. “You have to really care about the lyrics. I think that’s how you get your best lyrics and your best song topics is genuine inspiration, genuine care about what you’re talking about.”

Carson participated in a CreativeLive roundtable discussion about “The Art Of Songwriting” with Buddy Nielsen, Lzzy Hale and Dan Campbell before the APMAs. Stay tuned to APTV; as, we will be posting that video soon, as well!


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Interview: Caity Babcock instagram

Video/Editing: Bobby Makar

Segment Producer: Cassie Whitt instagram