This Black History Month, AltPress is passing the mic to some of our favorite artists so they can highlight the Black artists and Black-fronted bands they’re listening to right now.

28-year-old recording artist Shamir is the kind of artist whose music holds no bounds. He's instantly recognizable by his fluttering, out-of-this-world voice, and his tracks span everything from lo-fi to power-pop to synth-pop that you'd be remiss not to dance to whenever it comes on. Having grown up in Las Vegas, the best way to describe his music is as bold, glittering, and varied as the Strip.

Since the early 2010s, Shamir's been releasing projects (including last year's Heterosexuality) that fans have latched onto, given how he explores gender and traumas. He's also long collaborated with other artists, from major artists like Rina Sawayama to rising names he helps to produce. Below, the indie favorite shares a playlist including names he's worked with, like the folk singer poolblood, other pop-inspired up-and-comers, and more. Check out what he has to say about each of his picks and listen to the playlist below.

"How Many" - Ryan Destiny

Ryan is my favorite R&B girlie at the moment. I'm patiently waiting for the album. 

"2002" - Enumclaw 
Love this track a lot, it's been on repeat.
"Mama, Dolly, Jesus" - Madeline Edwards
This song is so fun! Madeline is a superstar.
"twinkie" - poolblood
I'm being absolutely biased since I produced this one.
"Bleach" - Isaac Dunbar
Isaac is the little brother I always wanted. Before I'm an American, I'm an Isaac Stan.
"Sober & Skinny" - Brittney Spencer
If Issac is my nationality, Brittney is my creed. I am simply a soldier for our lord and savior Brittney Spencer.
"Caught It From The Rye" - Tré Burt
Kinda crazy how we already found our generation's Bob Dylan. Love this for us.
"No R&B" - Muni Long (feat. Ann Marie)
I've been a fan of Muni since I was in middle school when she was doing YouTube covers, now she's Grammy-nominated. A decade of stanning paid off and then some. I know that's right!
"Girlfriend" - Hemlocke Springs
She's got a point, she's an icon, she's a legend, and she is the, come on now...
"Technicolor" - Madison Rose
Madison is the next great pop star, and also happens to be one of my closest friends. Words can't describe how much she means to me and I simply can't wait until she rules the world.