Audiences swiftly fell in love with Brooklyn’s post-hardcore quartet Sharkswimmer over their three independently released EPs. Hook-heavy, full of intentional melodies, and powerful, gut-punching guitar parts — their soulful, grunge-y alt-rock sound has always been an easy sell. However, it appears that all this time, they were just getting warmed up for this very moment, the release of their debut project with Really Rad Records, and their first full-length, Serenity. Produced and engineered by Jon Markson (Drug Church, Koyo, Soul Blind), this album sees Sharkswimmer reach new heights both sonically and lyrically, as well as join forces with some of post-hardcore’s poignant forces, from Nosedive Routine to Vinnie Caruana of the Movielife and Thursday’s Geoff Rickly.

On this album, the band lean into ‘90s influences, infusing first- and second-wave emo with their inherently modern POV for tracks that are both addictively sticky and rough around the edges, as vocalist/guitarist and principal songwriter Justin Buschardt traverses a lyrical landscape of trauma and heartbreak. Though the group enter a new era of production and work under a label, the album remains dutifully DIY to its core, replete with hardcore aggression and alt-rock anthems that will undoubtedly draw some heavy headbanging, and stir up a worthy pit. 

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In celebration of the album release, AltPress is premiering Sharkswimmer’s “Demolition of a Childhood Home” video, featuring Geoff Rickly. Of the album, the Thursday frontman told AP, “I love the new Sharkswimmer album. When Justin asked me to jump on a song, I heard where I would fit on this one immediately. A small part but vital, my favorite kind of guest spot. It turned out great, and I never like the way I sound in features. The fact that Johnny Komar made such a gorgeous little video to go with it has just completed the circle. The band rules. People need to take note.” And we couldn’t agree more.