On July 2,  Mötley Crüe‘s Nikki Sixx tweeted a fan saying that Ozzy Osbourne "isn't doing good" health-wise. Following the comment, speculation quickly arose that the Black Sabbath vocalist is struggling following his Parkinson's diagnosis earlier this year.

Now, Sharon Osbourne has shared an update on her husband's health. As well, she revealed that Ozzy is currently working on another new album.

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After his Parkinson’s diagnosis, Ozzy canceled his 2020 North American tour to focus on medical treatments. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, he was forced to cancel his medical trip to Switzerland.

Back in April, his daughter Kelly Osbourne shared that her father was in good spirits amid the pandemic. She also said that his recent treatments have greatly helped with his symptoms and overall progress. Following this, his son Jack Osbourne revealed that his father will likely retire “within the next five to ten years.”

Then, earlier this month, Nikki Sixx revealed that he heard Ozzy "isn't doing good" health-wise. This quickly led to both worry and speculation from fans regarding Ozzy's health.

Now, Sharon has given an update on Ozzy's health during an interview on Steve-O's Wild Ride! podcast. Despite his Parkinson's diagnosis and various medical issues last year, Sharon says Ozzy is "doing really good."

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"He's doing good," she shares. "He's doing really, really good. He's had a terrible, terrible injury. At one point, they thought he would never walk again, but he's walking and he's doing great. He's been hit by so much medically, but he's doing good. He's getting stronger every day."

Along with his Parkinson's diagnosis, Ozzy is still recovering from surgery he had last year. The surgery was to repair an old injury he sustained during a 2003 ATV accident. Sharon further shares that the accident and surgery are what "sparked" his Parkinson's.

"Oh, God. I mean, to be hit with the spinal injury, and then what it had done was it kind of started off the Parkinson's that he had the gene for but was never activated, he just had the gene," she continues. "It's like having the breast cancer gene but it never comes into fruition, it never gets alive. And he had the Parkinson's gene and this accident just sparked it off. So he kind of had a double dose of everything. But he's doing good."

For Sharon, it has been difficult for the family to see Ozzy deal with such health problems recently.

"It's heartbreaking," she says. "It's heartbreaking to see this. He's had this ride in his life, and then suddenly BOOM you are floored. And to have your health taken away, no matter what you've got money-wise or anything in the world, [it's something you] can't fix."

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Along with the health update, Sharon also shares that Ozzy is currently working on his next album with producer Andrew Watt. Ozzy released his latest solo album Ordinary Man back in February 2020. The album was produced by Watt and was recorded while Ozzy recovered from his surgery and related illnesses.

"The album was sensational," Sharon says. "He's starting his second album with Andrew Watt right now. And you can't stop him. He's doing it."

Jack Osbourne previously revealed that his father will likely retire from music "within the next five to ten years.” Although Sharon doesn't confirm when Ozzy will retire, she does share that he will do it when the time is right.

"Ozzy says that as far as performing goes, he has to end it his way," she says. "Because it was his farewell tour that he was on [before he had his accident], but he still had a year to do of that tour. There were seats sold for the next year, but the accident stopped it all. But he said it's not gonna end just like that, it's gonna end his way. And he's gonna go back out. And even if it's just one huge show to say goodbye, he's going to do it."

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Last week, it was announced that Sharon, Jack and Ozzy are returning to television for the first time in over a decade. Their paranormal television show The Osbournes Wants To Believe airs on the Travel Channel Aug. 2.

In the new series, Jack shows Sharon and Ozzy various clips pertaining to paranormal activity. Some of the clips include footage of poltergeists, haunted dolls, UFOs and unidentifiable beasts. As Sharon and Ozzy are both skeptics, this new series is bound to be entertaining and perhaps even eye-opening.

As well, Osbourne’s new documentary The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne arrives on A&E this summer. Produced by Jack Osbourne, the documentary shows the Black Sabbath vocalist’s life and career throughout the years. The film will also show his struggles with his Parkinson’s diagnosis and previous health issues. Directed by Greg JohnstonThe Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne is the first documentary to be released about Ozzy in over ten years.

Sharon's full interview on Steve-O's podcast is available to watch below.

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