Following Shiragirl releasing 2018 EP, Brooklyn Goes Hollywood, AP is proud to present their new catchy single, “Nothin’ To Lose.”

A classic Warped Tour icon, women’s empowerment activist and the “punk-rock Madonna,” Shiragirl return with an upbeat, anthemic punk tune taken from the band’s upcoming concept EP, Andi Underground. 

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“We are beyond excited to release our first single ‘Nothin To Lose’ off our new EP, Andi Underground,” frontwoman Shira Yevin says. “The EP is a punk-rock musical concept record, inspired by the infamous story of Alice. It was co-written by the legend Tim Armstrong [Rancid] and mixed by Cameron Webb [Motörhead, Kelly Clarkson, Zebrahead].”

The story behind “Nothin To Lose” is loosely based on the inciting plotline of Alice In Wonderland. However, Yevin gives it a dark, dystopian spin. 

“This song tells the story of Andi, who runs away from a future dystopian world and falls down a ‘hole’ into a secret underground counterculture,” Yevin explains. “It's a fun, fearless pop-punk anthem about living on the edge and blazing your own trail.”

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In 2004, Yevin and her band pulled up to Warped Tour with her pink RV and created her own DIY stage to perform her set. After Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman witnessed the positive crowd response, he invited Shiragirl back the following summer, officially creating the Shiragirl stage. The stage hosted over 200 female-fronted bands, including Joan Jett, Paramore and many others who made their Warped Tour debut.

Check out “Nothin’ To Lose” below.

Andi Underground will be available July 19. Shiragirl will be playing a few shows in California, including a stop at the Warped Tour 25th anniversary show, with dates below. More information and tickets can be found here.


07/14 – Ventura, CA @ Surf Rodeo Festival 
07/19 – San Francisco, CA @ Punk Rock & Paintbrushes (DJ set)
07/21 – Mountain View, CA @ Shoreline Amphitheatre (Warped Tour)
08/06 – San Diego, CA @ 710 Beach Club
08/07 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Satellite

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