Theater-goers experienced mass panic at last evening's Hamilton show after the audience mistook a medical emergency as an active shooter. According to journalist Joe Khalil, chaos broke out once San Francisco audience members started shouting “Gun!” and running out of the theater.

According to Khalil and the San Francisco Police Department, the actual emergency at hand was a heart attack. Police believe another audience member earnestly thought the person who experienced the heart attack had been shot.

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As a result of the shooting scare at the Orpheum Theater, Khalil reports that four people were injured, including the person with the heart attack. Two suffer from minor injuries, while one has a broken leg.

According to the San Francisco Police Department, all four were sent to the hospital.

However, the original heart attack victim is in critical condition, according to the San Francisco Fire Department.
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While the instance was just a false alarm, the panic and terror was very real, according to Twitter. Check out some of the first-hand accounts below.

Why do you think the audience reacted that way? Do you think mass shootings have put our country in a constant state of fear? Sound off in the comments below.

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