It’s been almost a year since As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis was arrested, and it looks like the remaining members of the band are finally ready to move on without him. But will they be continuing under the As I Lay Dying name? That much is not clear yet.

Over the weekend, the four members of AILD who are not Lambesis—Nick Hippa, Jordan Mancino, Phil Sgrosso and Josh Gilbert—each uploaded a brief video clip to their personal Instagram accounts, all of which contain studio footage and new music. Perhaps what is most interesting about the new music clips is that they feature a new primary vocalist for the band—one who is definitely not Tim Lambesis.

From the looks (and sound) of it, bassist/backing vocalist Josh Gilbert is taking over on vocals for this project.

The video posted by guitarist Nick Hippa shows him pealing stickers off an old As I Lay Dying setlist. Songs like “Anodyne Sea” and “Paralyzed” are torn off of the list. (Could this indicate a movement away from the As I Lay Dying name?) But the music in Hippa’s clip definitely sounds like an AILD song—one that would’ve fit well on The Powerless Rise.

The music in guitarist Phil Sgrosso’s clip definitely sounds like a typical AILD riff.

On the other hand, drummer Jordan Mancino’s clip, which of course shows him playing drums, features music that doesn’t sound anything like a typical As I Lay Dying track.

Following the pattern of each member playing their respective instrument, Josh Gilbert is seen tracking vocals.

Are the members continuing on as the band As I Lay Dying? Or are they forming a new band? One thing that’s interesting to point out is that all of the official AILD social media accounts still remain dormant, which could indicate that this is a new project. But if they are continuing under the As I Lay Dying name, should they?  Would it be better to just start from scratch? Could they be temporarily continuing until Lambesis’ theoretical release from prison?

What do you think?