In this scene, we go to a lot of shows. Way more than the average music fiend, we would venture to guess. And though many of our experiences within crowds will be largely similar, there are some that stand out, for their bizarre factor, for the characters involved or for the way they enhance (or ruin) your experience.

Below we present 10 types of crowds and characters you’re likely to experience at shows.

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The Mom Cluster

The top enemy to a joyous time at a show may just be fan mothers. Now, some are benign, of course, but every now and then you encounter a particularly nasty Susan or Cathy. These are the ones who act younger than their (embarrassed) kids by causing a scene when their offspring get lightly nudged in a crowd or if there are any other minor setbacks in the kiddo’s experience. More commonly known as: “I want to talk to your manager!”

The Clueless

A shriek sounds behind you as someone who has never been in a pit gets brushed against. “What the fuck?” they yell in warning that a rage fit is about to happen. Three voices around them, “If you don’t like it, get out of the pit.” The group of Cluelesses talk among themselves about “bitches” and “assholes” between sets, then all hell breaks loose when the curtains go down, and you can barely hear the band over the fights these people are attempting to start with literally everyone around them who dares touch them. They eventually leave, and everyone has a grand time.

Standing Beside The One Person Who Is Way Too Hype

This person knows every word, sings along (loudly) and ruins all your Instagram stories by jumping and pointing and moving the entire time. This wouldn’t be so strange if anyone else around them were just as hype. However, this person can sometimes be found alone, trapped in a spot not close enough to the stage for their behavior to blend in. The ideal spot for this human is at the barricade where everyone is “too hype.” (By the way, there is no such thing at a show. Enjoy your damn self.)

The Checkerboard

Everyone has their little space, and it’s an unspoken rule that they will contain themselves to that space. They’ll move very little for that reason. This crowd type is especially frustrating for the aforementioned “Too Hype Person” who knows they’ll look like a massive asshole when they try to squeeze through them.

The Warped Tour

There was nothing in the world quite like a Warped Tour pit, from any vantage point in the crowd. The weather, the people, the depth of sunburn. RIP.