We’re trying to be patient, but we just cannot wait for Netflix to release the third season of You

In January, a third season was confirmed, and the streaming service teased its arrival in 2020. However, due to coronavirus shutting down production, Netflix revealed a new poster in July with Joe Goldberg, stating that season 3 would be released in 2021. Then this week, Penn Badgley confirmed production has begun.

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Much has gone wrong in 2020, but making us wait even longer to see the next season feels particularly hurtful. To heal the wounds, we decided to recommend 10 shows that you should watch if you can’t get enough of You. They’re dark, creepy and full of surprises, so hopefully there should be enough here to hold you over until next year. You can check those out below.

In The Dark 

In The Dark follows Murphy, a woman who's blind and embarks on a mission to discover the truth about the murder of her friend. The show has many dark turns and is full of suspense like You, so you’ll definitely be able to binge its two seasons before the third is released. 


We had to include Dexter for the sole reason that the titular protagonist is also a charismatic serial killer. Unlike Goldberg, Dexter uses his violent tendencies for "good," taking out other murderers. This show has eight seasons, so there’s plenty to watch before the revival, and it’s a must-see for dark TV lovers.

The Haunting Of Bly Manor

Netflix recently released the second installment of its anthology series, and it’s a must-watch for horror movie buffs. The Haunting Of Bly Manor is creepy and will have you jumping out of your seat, so it’s a perfect show to watch late at night. 

Bates Motel

Bates Motel, which acts as a prequel to the 1960 film Psycho, follows the life of Norman Bates and his mother, but it's set in the modern day. There are five seasons total, with the last season loosely adapting the plot of the movie. This is definitely another exciting series to get into for those who cannot watch enough serial killer documentaries.


This Ryan Murphy series follows Mildred Ratched, a nurse working in an asylum who’s a part of horrifying experiments performed on patients. Ratched is a psychological thriller starring American Horror Story actress Sarah Paulson and is full of dark plotlines that make You seem tame at times. 

Killing Eve

Not only is the plot of Killing Eve gripping, but the main character is quite relatable. She’s in charge of capturing an assassin but becomes infatuated with them and the way they kill people. This is another title you have to add to your list if you love thrilling shows that keep you guessing. 

The Society

The Society has such a mysteriously cool plot that it’s worth bingeing during one weekend. The show follows a group of teens who discover they're in their own town alone and cut off from the outside world, so it’s apocalyptic AF. While it only has one season after getting canceled, the events that transpire still make it a captivating watch.

Sharp Objects

A crime reporter with a troubled past investigates the murder of two girls in her hometown in this Emmy-nominated miniseries. Sharp Objects is dark, gritty and keeps you on your toes. Like You, you’ll want to make sure you don’t accidentally spoil the ending before watching it, as it’s a pretty crazy finale. 

Dirty John

Dirty John, which is based on a true story, follows a woman who falls in love with a man who's completely lying about his identity. The situation eventually becomes dangerous, and it’s another show like You that makes you question going on a date with a stranger ever again. 


Inspired by a real-life scandal, Baby tells the story of an elite group of Italian high schoolers who start a prostitution ring. Don't worry: It's just as bad of an idea as it sounds. Like You, the plot features dangerous relationships, obsession and secrets. With three seasons to binge, you'll be hooked in no time.