Sid Haig's legacy will live on forever. His iconic portrayal of Captain Spaulding is a legendary role that few horror fans could forget. Now, after his unfortunate passing, we get a look at another role of Haig's, possibly his final, in the film Hanukkah.

Hanukkah was filmed nearly half a year after Rob Zombie's 3 From Hell3 From Hell was toted as Haig's final role before his death.

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Hanukkah is a movie about well, Hanukkah. The premise begins with a serial murderer (Haig) known as the Hanukiller. He was shot dead by police while attempting to sacrifice his young son, Obadiah. Obadiah disappears and is seemingly the new killer in the present-day film. He murders Jewish people who he believes are not affording proper reverence for their faith.

The flick seems to be just the type of campy-horror flick we know and love. Watch the trailer below.

After Haig's death in September of this year, Rob Zombie mentioned a number of times that 3 From Hell was Haig's last role and that Haig was in such poor health, he could only be onset for one day.

There is a bit of dispute to this claim. Haig has two more movies to be released, Hanakkuh and Abruptio. Yes, movies can be filmed previously and not released for years which is the case with Abruptio. But, Haig filmed Hanukkah in October of 2018, which was over half a year after filming for 3 From Hell wrapped in March.

It's not up to us whether what Zombie said or not is true. We're just glad we get to see Haig in another role.

Hanukkah is releasing in a throwback vibe by coming to VHS before its actual Blu-Ray date. That's right, VHS tape. One of his last roles is released on the medium of the era, In a nod to the arthouse horror that Haig is so well known for,

The VHS copies became available on Dec. 27, 2019. The Blu-Ray has a street release date of Mar. 17, 2020. Both can be purchased here.

What do you think of Hanukkah and perhaps Sid Haig's final role? Sound off below!

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