Silent Library was the must-watch game show on MTV from 2009-2011. Contestants competed in hilarious punishment challenges that needed to be complete with total silence. Any excessive noise or laughter from the competitors was marked as an instant fail for that challenge. Finishing a challenge successfully resulted in the contestants earning cash that would be divided among the rest of the group. 

A few seasons of the show featured some of our scene favorites, including All Time Low, Forever The Sickest Kids, the Ready Set and more. Check out some of our favorite Silent Library appearances below!

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1. All Time Low

Season 3’s second episode saw All Time Low alongside their tour manager Matt and friends Jeff and Vinny. Some of the punishments included Snow Job, Too Big Lady, Licking Glass and Soup Shoot. The band ended the episode with $3,200.

2. Forever The Sickest Kids

Forever The Sickest Kids took their turn on Silent Library during season 2. Challenges included Egg Rollers, Small Putts, Camp Fire Mix Up and Swat Team. They ended up losing the final challenge of the day but still walked away with $2,700.

3. We The Kings

We The Kings brought along a couple of friends to take on the game show during season 2. Completing tasks such as Pulled Sniff, Not Expected Package, Angry Dog and Big Busts, the band suffered through enough silence to earn $2,800.

4. Hey Monday and Stereo Skyline

Hey Monday were joined by two members of Stereo Skyline on the third episode of season 3. From Octopussed to Pumped Walk, Comb Over Comb to Unwanted Fan, the band passed enough punishments to earn an impressive $3,400.

5. Anarbor
anarbor silent library

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While the episode featuring Anarbor has somehow managed to keep itself off YouTube, you can still view the full episode on MTV’s website. With challenges such as Fish Sponge, Sea Waffle, Bad Door and Evil Chair, this is one episode you simply cannot miss.

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6. Never Shout Never

Never Shout Never closed out season 3 of the show. Earning one of the best scores on Silent Library, the band endured punishments such as Little Tromboner, Oh No Yo Yo, Face Time and Punish Hand to earn a whopping $3,900.

7. 3OH!3

Kicking off the second episode of season 4, 3OH!3 challenged Silent Library in the very best ways. Punishments included Big Bird, Uncomfort Ball, Rodent Feet and Brief Winch. They may have lost the day’s final challenge, but they still managed to end the show with $3,100.

8. The Ready Set

The Ready Set tackled season 4 of Silent Library by enduring challenges such as School Yard Slap, Freedom Meat, Twister Smack and Trapping Glue. After successfully completing the final punishment, TRS walked away with a big-money prize of $4,400.

9. Jessie James

Jessie James hit Silent Library with her sister, manager, friends and bandmates in early 2010. Punishments included Clean Face, Head Game, Forked Catch, Dread Drops and Knuckle Drill. The group managed to start and end on a good note, earning a total of $3,200.

10. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber made their game show appearance in 2010 alongside Asher Roth and some friends. With challenges such as Troll Lick, Stink Fruit, Surprising Rear and China Town Mix Up, it’s impressive that the group managed to walk away with $3,900.

If Silent Library were still around today, which bands would you like to see endure these crazy challenges? Sound off in the comments below!