Canadian post-hardcore band Silverstein have announced plans to release an album of concert recordings, LIVE: When Broken Is Easily Fixed. Slated for release Nov. 19, the record is compiled from various recordings from their 2018-2019 tour centered on their debut album, When Broken Is Easily Fixed.

This new record—which the band are self-releasing away from Rise Records—compiles the best versions of the original album’s 10 songs from shows in nine different cities. All of the audio was mixed by producer/engineer Sam Guaiana.  

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The project began when Silverstein guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau went back and listened to all of the live recordings made during the tour, opting to compile the live album from different performances across various cities as opposed to one entire show. 

The cover art also creates the vibe of a vintage vinyl rarity of the ’70s that you might discover at a used record store. “We wanted to capture the audio as something to reflect back on,” drummer Paul Koehler says. “A project like this gives us the ability to have a little fun, so we decided to hire a local designer who really specializes in vintage design. The result is a nice interpretation of a throwback live record that still remains bold and different from the rest of our catalog.” 

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The album art and tracklist for LIVE: When Broken Is Easily Fixed is below:

    1. “Smashed Into Pieces” (Live in Anaheim, CA)
    2. “Red Light Pledge” (Live in Atlanta, GA)
    3. “Giving Up” (Live in Los Angeles, CA)
    4. “November” (Live in London, ON)
    5. “Last Days Of Summer” (Live in Atlanta, GA)
    6. “Bleeds No More” (Live in Orlando, FL)
    7. “Hear Me Out” (Live in Dallas, TX)
    8. “The Weak And The Wounded” (Live in Phoenix, AZ)
    9. “Wish I Could Forget You” (Live in Montreal, QC)
    10. “When Broken Is Easily Fixed” (Live in New Orleans, LA)

Like every great rock band before us, we made a live record,” Rousseau says. “Don’t for a second think this means you don’t have to come to the shows anymore, though: We made it sound slightly worse than our actual live show for that purpose.”

This is the second self-released project from Silverstein. The first, REDUX: The First 10 Years, came out earlier this year. Fans may preorder the release here.

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