It’s been about a month since Simple Creatures unleashed their debut EP, Strange Love, on the world, which came just two months after announcing their existence.

Following the release of a “Drug” lyric video and a “Strange Love” music video, third single “Adrenaline” is getting its own narrative-driven piece.

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The supergroup consisting of All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth and blink-182’s Mark Hoppus hit the road with a slew of first shows in March.

While on tour, the duo, who previously collaborated on ATL’s 2015 track “Tidal Waves,” faced the expected request to play it live. Of course, Hoppus had a priceless response.

“Thank you very much for calling out that song and bringing the show to a grinding halt right before the last song,” he joked. “This is supposed to be where we really ramp it up. But no. You guys call out an All Time Low song.”

“You guys fucking ruined it,” Gaskarth also said. To annoy fans right back, Hoppus began playing the opening chords of blink’s “Carousel.”

That wasn’t the only time Hoppus joked with fans on the road as he received a hilarious letter from a fan that is very clearly Team Alex.

Following a bunch of teasers, the duo is now channeling their onstage camaraderie into a new video for “Adrenaline.” While their previous “Strange Love” video had them performing among a sea of neon colors, “Adrenaline” has the band entering a full-blown narrative. Check it out below.

More on Simple Creatures

If you can’t wait for even more Simple Creatures music then you’re in luck. The duo recently confirmed their next EP’s title and general release timeframe.

Earlier this month, the band allegedly revealed their next EP title at a live show. However, at the time, there was no footage of the band confirming or denying it. Shortly after, they confirmed their forthcoming EP’s title, Everything Opposite, which is due out this summer.

In the interview with Rocksound, the duo shares their thought process behind starting out with two EPs. However, when asked if they saw more music post-Everything Opposite, the pair were quick to confirm and share they had plans to create a full album.

“Album, yes,” Hoppus says. “When we first set out, we had enough music to put out a record but I don’t think we wanted to inundate people with that much music right off the bat. We wanted to put out some music [then] put out some more music later.”

Additionally, Gaskarth adds that he and Hoppus didn’t want Simple Creatures to be a “passion project,” but instead be something they keep going back to.

“When we talked about doing this, one of the main things we discussed was we don’t just want this to be a passion project that we fire up for a week and then it’s done. We said if this is gonna be worthwhile and we’re gonna do this then this should be our creative outlet going forward for things that are different and things we can do outside of our existing projects.”

The first Simple Creatures six-track EP Strange Love is available here.

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