The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon has been diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. In recent news, Simon made headlines last week when he announced that he will be donating tens of millions of dollars from his fortune to charity.

After being diagnosed with stage four colon cancer five months ago, according to the Huffington Post, Simon said he wanted to “focus his waning days on carving out his philanthropic legacy by leaving most of his fortune to the causes he cares for the most.”

Ranking animal activism at the top of his “to-do” list, Simon founded a eponymous charity in 2011 that provides food for families in need, spays and neuters cats and dogs for free and trains service dogs to help veterans.

The Simpons has been one of the most popular and iconic cartoons on television since it’s debut in 1989. Since then, there have been 625 guests on the show. We’ve complied a list of videos of some of our favorite band appearances, check them out below:


Smashing Pumpkins

The White Stripes

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Ramones

“Don’t have a cow, man.”