August Burns Red guitarist JB Brubaker chats with APTV about his origins as a guitarist, his style and more!

Brubaker first picked up a guitar after he graduated high school. His graduation present to himself, in fact, was an Ibanez starter kit. 

Hear the story of how he progressed from the kid who thought it would be cool to jam with his friends to being a professional musician with his very own custom Ibanez—from his punk roots, overcoming the bad player habits he picked up as a result of breaking his wrist while self-teaching and to developing his own style. 

Now, Brubaker finds himself working against his genre to stand out in a world many guitarists get lumped together stylistically.

"I listen to a lot of lighter music these days," he says. "As a result, that kind of stuff has seeped its way into the music we're making now, and I think it helps to build a dynamic in the songs between the really heavy stuff and the more chill stuff. It makes the extremes feel more dramatic, which is fun for us."

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Interview: Cassie Whitt Twitter

Videography: Bobby Makar