If you're a fan of classic horror movies but also love some bubblegum boy band pop music, parody group The Slashstreet Boys are going to be your favorite new thing.

The group came out with “I’ll Kill You That Way” last year parodying the iconic Backstreet Boys track and this year they're back with “As Long As You’re Bloody.”

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The group have made it a yearly tradition to drop a new song since 2017, with "Slashing Bodies" coming first and “I’ll Kill You That Way” arriving last year.

The parody band brings together Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Ghostface, Michael Myers, and Leatherface for a ridiculous video you'll want to watch a few times.

In the video, the iconic slasher film villains can be seen wearing some ridiculously '90s boy band outfits including neon coloured tracksuits and matching sports jerseys. If you look closely too, the numbers on the jerseys correspond to the year the first film in the characters' series debuted.

Filmed and edited by The Merkins, the video sees the horror legends having some fun in the sun while dumping bodies in the lake.

Check out the full clip in the player below.

In case you haven't seen it either, you can also watch last year's "I'll Kill You That Way" as well as 2017's "Slashing Bodies" below. In the "I'll Kill You That Way" video, the band dress up in the iconic all-white BSB outfits making for a perfect parody.

From singing at Camp Crystal Lake to not giving poor Leatherface a chance to shine, everything about the video is perfectly planned.

What do you think of the new Slashstreet Boys parody track? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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