In the wake of new allegations made against Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke, Slaves guitarist Alex Lyman has come to the singer's defense. In a recent statement, Lyman said he was with Radke on the same night that alleged victim Kacee Boswell claims she was raped by Radke, and that the allegations are false. "I am 200 percent absolutely certain that the bullshit on the internet about Ronnie is a god damn lie," he said.

You can read Lyman's full statement below:

“I was with Ronnie and everyone in the FIR camp the entire day of the Salt Lake City show. before they played we sat on the bus and bullshit back and forth just like every other band in the world does, then he played the show. then we went to the bar and played pool until FIR’s bus call.

If sitting in the front lounge of your bus talking to friends and going to a bar and shooting pool with your friends until bus call is considered gang rape to you, you should maybe focus more on fixing your thought process.

i am 200% absolutely certain that the bullshit on the internet about ronnie is a god damn lie, he’s one of the nicest and most sincere people i know.

if you wanted facts, you just got them.”