Slaves guitarist Alex Lyman has posted a brief statement following the band’s sudden breakup. They performed their final show last night in Santa Cruz.

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“I’m in debt, have hundreds of tickets sitting at my house and I’m still trying to figure out what life has in store for me at 26,” he shared on his social media profiles. 

“But I wouldn’t change a thing in the world. Jonny, Colin, Weston, Tai and Mike Milford are some of the best people I’ve ever known. I seriously wish them nothing but good health and positive things.

Drummer Tai Wright had this to share:

"Announcing formally that I will no longer be touring or involved with Slaves after this headliner is almost surreal, but is a decision I feel is necessary for the sake of my career and one I've made in the best interest of my integrity. As for my future in the music industry, I feel as though its best to step away for awhile, hopefully ill rekindle my love for making music and performing. Grateful for all your love and support these last 2-and-a-half years." 

Aside from their tour with Capture The Crown, Myka Relocate, Outline In Color and Conquer Divide, Slaves were scheduled to tour the UK and Europe in June with Palisades. They were also slotted for an appearance at Download Festival.

After announcing their breakup, frontman Jonny Craig took to Twitter to say that he has news to reveal this week.

Wright also shared that members of the band are selling the following gear:

Axe fx 2 - $2,300 

(originally owned by Mark Holcomb of Periphery. Contains tons of patches made by Mark and Periphery and was used in the recording of P2. Also contains Slaves patches.)

Axefx Ultra - $1,500 (contains slaves patches used live) 

2x line 6 g90 relay wireless systems with packs  - $400 each

All gear is in Salt Lake City. Message with questions or for purchase info, shipping is not included. 


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