Gary Holt is plenty busy shredding guitar for Slayer and Exodus but he still managed to find some time to talk on a number of topics at a music clinic in Michigan.

Holt is very outspoken against the Kardashians, frequently wearing shirts that read "Kill The Kardashians," but he apparently doesn't hate them.

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The guitarist was asked what he'd do with five minutes alone with Kim Kardashian but rather than attack her and her family, he cleared up how he feels.

"You know, I don't hate the Kardashians," says Holt. "I hate the people that have made them famous — us. I hate the fact that people are so enamored and just fascinated with the glorious lifestyles of the rich and famous that they would elevate them to this status."

He also threw some hate towards modern rap, admitting he likes "old-school rap" because rappers "used to actually have rhythm."

Holt complained rappers today aren't even in time with the music and don't bother rhyming. He also discusses the heavily tattooed aesthetic of young rappers today, hilariously using an audience member to make his point.

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"Look, you're a young dude, right? You want a career in music? Go tattoo the fuck out of your face. You'll be a fucking rap star. That's what dudes looked like when they passed out on the bus — we'd Sharpie the fuck out of you. And now that's what they look like on purpose. It's crazy. They're all fucking Sharpied up."

He believes rap's massive takeover of the music industry is largely due to the age of social media.

"I saw a news article — it was about some 18-year-old rapper who bought a Rolls-Royce so he could smash the windshields out and put it on Instagram. All right, you're a fucking asshole, you're dumb, and I hope you run out of money and you're fucking sucking dick behind a dumpster for money later. So, fuck you," says Holt.

You can watch the full video below.

What do you think of Holt's comments about rap music and the Kardashians? Let us know in the comments below.

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