Slayer are teasing their final chapter coming this fall and leaving fans to wonder what it could be. 

They have been on their farewell tour and posted a video teasing the “end” coming Fall 2019. 

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The video shows a silhouette of a man digging a hole and staking a large cross into the ground. There is a dramatic voiceover that makes the whole thing even more ominous. 

“To every story, there is a tragedy. Life is a book, filled with chapters. Some tell stories of a good time. Some tell stories of the dark. To every monster, there is a hero, to every nightmare, we all wake up, to every story, there is a final chapter. Some monsters can become human. Other monsters reap for revenge. This is the end of the monsters.”

The video ends with the Slayer logo and the words “Fall 2019.” It could mean that the band is gearing up to announce the final leg of the farewell tour, or one last album to finish it right. You can watch the video below for yourself and try to decipher its meaning. 

Slayer are currently touring Germany as part of their farewell run, with dates and tickets available here
Other Slayer news

A few weeks ago, Slayer brought Jägermeister fans a special treat with their latest collaboration with the liquor brand.

Previously, the band as had tours and commercials  with the company, but now they’re taking their partnership to a whole new level to celebrate their farewell tour. 

The band has joined forces with Jägermeister to release a limited-edition bottle. It is 1.75 liters and features custom art from the band in a fancy engraved box.

Besides the beverage, the package includes a love letter from the band. You can read what the note says below.

“For the last 40 years, Slayer have reigned as the kings of thrash. Uncompromising, their sonic assault has been relentless and their approach to music and life has won them hordes of dedicated metal heads around the world,” it reads.

“Slayer follow no one. Setting their own path and dedicating themselves to dark and fast music that shows no mercy. Finally, the masters of metal have decided to call it a day and embark on their farewell tour.”

“We want to thank Slayer for the trail they’ve blazed through music and also the fans for supporting Slayer and being a part of history.”

The Jägermeister Twitter account has clarified though that the collab is currently only available in the UK.

 “We’ve had some good times with Jägermeister through the years. We love that they’re creating a limited-edition bottle to recognize the end of our journey and it looks awesome,” Slayer guitarist Kerry King said in a statement. “I’m honored that our friends at Jägermeister hold us in such high regard. I can’t wait to get my hands on one.”

You can buy the collectors bottle for £100 here. There are only 500 available.

What do you think Slayer are teasing? Sound off in the comments down below!

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