Sleep On It were in Cleveland recently touring with cool rockin' Brits Don Broco and stopped by the AP office to chill out. We're not sure how it happened exactly, but some I-am-more-emo-than-you smack talk went down, which inspired APTV director Bobby Makar to suggest a trivia competition to determine who indeed is the most emo.

Representing on Team AP is Content Director Paige Owens and Assistant Features Editor Rachel Campbell, while Team Sleep (apologies, Chino Moreno) is comprised of guitarists TJ Horansky and Jake Marquis and drummer Luka Fischman. Armed with kazoos (the official AP proxy for fancy gameshow buzzers), both teams battled it out over trivia centered around some of the most adored bands of the mid-00's. From minutiae about My Chemical Romance to Fall Out Boy to Jimmy Eat World to Yellowcard and a couple more spoonfuls of smack talk, the two teams flex brain cells they haven't used since they stopped updating their Myspace pages all those years ago.

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Between questions, we learn how Fischman was the first dude in the state of Maine to wear skinny jeans while playing heart-rendering songs on his acoustic guitar in school. (OK, we didn't verify this but the claim sounds golden.) Horansky reveals that one of the first shows he ever saw was Taking Back Sunday, and Marquis? He just sits in the back chilling out while the two teams go at it with a modicum of dignity.

Find out which team is more emo than Jack Skellington wearing black skinny jeans and guyliner (while nursing a fresh tat of Chiodos lyrics) in this edition of ALTPRESS EMO TRIVIA. Two teams go in, one team leaves crying. Wait, shouldn't both teams be crying? For different reasons, mind you...