Sleeping With Sirens rebuke unwanted expectations in “Bloody Knuckles”

Sleeping With Sirens are back for the first time since their 2019 album How It Feels To Be Lost with “Bloody Knuckles.” The rapid-fire, heavy-hitting ballad is a defiant anthem about forging your own path when the people in your life insist on your demise. 

Reminiscent of their heavier roots evident on their 2019 release and circa their 2010 album With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear and 2011’s Let’s Cheers To This, the band continues in that sonic direction and initiative on “Bloody Knuckles.” Riffing on the pointlessness of making yourself unhappy to appease people who don’t give a damn about you, the song opens up to vocalist Kellin Quinn giving a defiant “fuck it” before a cacophony of chugging guitars and explosive drums set a rapid pace.

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The song is a perfect balance between the teeth-gritting heaviness of their earlier work and pop elements of their more recent releases. Similar to previous releases, the group quickly established the narrative of the track. “You always said I’d be a disappointment,” Quinn sings in the first verse. However, fans seem to disagree and have taken to Twitter to give adamant praise for the new track.

“Bloody Knuckles” keeps up with the defiance through lyrics such as, “You take all you can till there’s nothing left/We’ll never do what you say.” The angsty tone builds and swells until Quinn belts, “I won’t give in, never fit in/It’s a knife in the back that you twist in” sends the song into a two-step breakdown that’s heavier than a neutron star.

The song premiered exclusively on SiriusXM channel Octane and was released via Sumerian records. While they don’t have any tours scheduled just yet, they do have two shows scheduled for October 5 and November 11 in Reno and Daytona Beach, respectively.

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Sleeping With Sirens “Bloody Knuckles” lyrics

You always said I’d be a disappointment 

That I’d be nothing and I’d probably lose it all 

You thought that I would trip and fall 

But you’ll never see me beg or crawl 

Can’t take it 

Won’t fake it 

Punch a hole through the wall 

Try to break it 

Can’t change it 

Rearrange it 

So I guess that I’ll just have to face it 

This is bloody knuckles and I’ll show you how to play 

It’s the only way to escape from all the pain 


(Chorus) We bought a one way ticket cuz we’re sick of it all

Pack your bags we’re going 

At the bottom but we got no reason to lay low 

Like you care anyway (no) 

Here take one last breath 

Take all you can 

Til there’s nothing left (we’ll never do what you say no)

Until we drop dead (never let go) 


Another day another disappointment 

My head is trippin might as well just slip away 

You all think 

I’m crazy anyway (you all think I’m crazy)

Won’t give in 

Never fit in (it’s a knife in the back that you twist in)

You dig in 

Don’t pretend (I’m already down but you keep on pushing) 

Life is a fight 

But you don’t ever fight fair 

Beat us to the ground 

But we will never stay there.


I won’t give in 

I never fit in 

I won’t give in 

Never fit in 

It’s a knife in the back that you twist in 

This is bloody knuckles 

I’ll show you how to play 

It’s the only way to escape from all the pain