Sleeping With Sirens recently caught up with APTV during their tour supporting the immortal Good Charlotte in Cleveland to discuss their future plans to record an ASMR album, the practicality of playing video games with gnawed off fingers and what fans can expect from a follow up to Gossip.

The SWS boys also reveal the ideal cast for their biopic featuring an all star cast that will crack you up and leaving you longing to see "We Almost Made It: The Sleeping With Sirens Story."
Watch the whole video to see the band talk about these things and so much more.
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Recently, Sleeping With Sirens dished more on their new album. Frontman Kellin Quinn posted about the album being finished on his Twitter. One excited fan responded that they were ready for some Let's Cheers To This vibes on the new album.
Quinn's response? "You got it."

As Quinn teased fans, band member Jack Fowler got in on the action.

Fowler saw the fan response and assured them it was indeed coming. “So apparently you guys want it,” he says. “Give us a little time and you’ll have it right back where we left off…”

We don't know if the new album really does have Let's Cheers To This vibes, but we're hyped anyway.

Let’s Cheers To This is the band’s sophomore effort, released in 2011 via Rise. The album gave us scene staples such as “Do It Now Remember It Later” and “If You Can’t Hang.”

Sleeping With Sirens’ latest Gossip dropped in 2017, marking their first major label record with Warner Bros. The band released “Another Day” in July with summer tourmates the Rocket Summer as their first new material since their LP.