Ah, 2012. What a time to be alive. Twilght Saga: Part 2 was released. The "King For A Day" video was voted the best music video by AP readers. And Sleeping With Sirens released If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack.

All the memories, right?

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Well, it looks like we might have some Let's Cheers To This-esque SWS to look forward to. Guitarist Jack Fowler teased today, saying: "In the mood to write some 2012 sounding SWS stuff today because why not!??"

Of course, fans were all about it:

Fowler saw the response (122 replies and counting, to be exact), and it looks like we'll be hearing some of that '12 SWS sound soon... "give us a little time and you’ll have it right back where we left off....." (!!!)

This is all of us, tbh.

Sleeping With Sirens' fifth album, Gossip, came out last September, and honestly, we're just waiting to hear these '12-sounding tunes.

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