Sleeping With Sirens


Sleeping With Sirens took the world—or at least AP’s corner of it—by storm in 2012, with an über-successful acoustic EP and a breakthrough full-length filling up fans’ iPods. Feel is their chance to break ahead of the pop-screamo pack, and at times, they succeed. “Here We Go” and “Low” are fast-paced, aggressive bangers on par with the best major-label-era Saosin, and the collaboration with rapper MGK (“Alone”)—which seems bizarre on paper—actually gels perfectly and could totally be a crossover smash. Collaborations are also responsible for Feel’s best and worst moments: On one hand, there’s the powerful, rumbling modern-rock number “I’ll Take You There,” featuring Shayley Bourget, which is just a fucking phenomenal song. On the other, there’s “Congratulations,” the misguided collab with Memphis May Fire’s Matty Mullins. Mullins and SWS frontman Kellin Quinn brag about their recent chart successes and challenge all comers over a rudimentary nü-metal riff, resulting in a song where talented people flounder with substandard material. Still, the good more than outweighs the bad, and as a whole, Feel is a big step up.


"I'll Take You There"