Sleepwave's debut album Broken Compass has been a long time coming since we first introduced you to the band in September.

Rising from the struggle that became former Underoath frontman Spencer Chamberlain's life, Sleepwave first showed us what they were made of with "Rock And Roll Is Dead And So Am I" and have since gone on to tour with Taking Back Sunday and The Used, sign to Epitaph Records and are now finally gearing up for their album release and a headlining tour of their own.

"I've been keeping Sleepwave a secret for so long now," Chamberlain said. "I'm just excited to get this music out there for the world to hear."

Wait no more, Sleepwave Fans! We have all the official information about the new album Broken Compass and a stream of "Through The Looking Glass," the first song released from the album, below.

Song: "Through The Looking Glass"

Album: Broken Compass

Release: September 16 via Epitaph Records

"Through The Looking Glass" lyrics
Flat on my back you watch me dry out my lungs

Remembering the days when I collected the sun

Isn't this all just a part of the process

Isn't this all just a part of it

Watch me fall underneath what you believe

I couldn't save you from killing me

Untie my hands so I can drink from your cup

I'm outta demands if I could just stand up

Isn't this all just a part of my process

Isn't this all just a part of it

You're killing me

Stared you in the eyes through the shadow of death

I prayed with all the sinners and I've felt no regrets

Swimming in water

Swallowing all the words

I cannot sink here anymore

I have to head straight for the shore

I will believe