[Photos by: Travis Shinn, M. Shawn Crahan]

Slipknot are gearing up for the recording of an anticipated new album, their first since 2014's .5: The Gray Chapter. And in the last few months, lead vocalist Corey Taylor has been dropping hints about what to expect from his new song lyrics.

Now, Taylor reveals that his Slipknot bandmates were "blown away" by the revelatory nature of his new words, and he's calling the recent Slipknot lyrics "some of the best" he's ever written in a new interview posted over at Loudwire.

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Last year, Slipknot percussionist M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan revealed that the group were demoing new songs in preparation for their sixth full-length. And in between touring with Stone Sour, Taylor began writing some very personal new lyrics for the upcoming release.

"It's been a heavy couple of years for me personally" Taylor says. "So I'm working out some things, personally for myself, which has been great. I've been able to grab a hold of some of the depression that I've been fighting and formulate the way that I want to describe it."

The power of words seems to be working for the Slipknot vocalist, as he touts the band's new lyrics as some of his finest: "So some of these lyrics are, to me, some of the best I've ever written," he says. "It's probably the most I've shared in years."

When will we hear new Slipknot?

Taylor's previously hinted that the new Slipknot will be out in 2019. And the group should start recording the album proper this year. For now, the frontman describes the vibe within the band as a return to their early days of performing.

"Hearing some of the guys in Slipknot read and react to some of the lyrics that I’ve been writing has been fantastic," he says. "I know Clown was like, just blown away by how open and raw it all felt. It felt like the old days. It felt like the beginning."

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