Is Corey Taylor getting anxious to show off his next Slipknot mask? The vocalist took to Instagram Sunday to share a behind-the-scenes look at the new headgear.

And while Taylor's pics show the Slipknot mask in the making, he warns that he can't unmask the full disguise just yet.

"Since I can’t show you the mask yet, here's what we go through to have them made," the musician writes before commending the mask's design and construction team.

Check it out below.

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As for his first mask ever, Taylor says he sought help from fellow Slipknot member Clown, aka Shawn Crahan, and his wife. After Taylor got rid of his dreads, the dream team actually proceeded to attach them to the mask.

“For me, I didn’t really know where to go at first,” Taylor says. “So Clown and his wife actually helped me find… They found an old crash-test dummy’s mask, and we flipped it. ... And at the time, I had dreads, and I was pulling the dreads out through these holes. And when I shaved my head, we took all that hair and we stuck it in the masks to kind of keep that look.”

Taylor continues to explain that his masks are a key part of his own personal growth.

“Like, a lot of the guys in the band are happy with theirs (masks), and they keep theirs. Maybe they’ll change them subtly, depending on who’s making the new ones for us. But for me, I like exploring who I am now. Nothing against the guys in the band, but for me — Especially with the lyrics. I’m not the same guy I was four years ago when we did .5, and before that when I did All Hope Is Gone. That guy is constantly changing, so who is that guy in this moment?”

Additionally, in the interview, Taylor shares his reaction to fans’ excitement surrounding his latest mask tease, and that people have even offered him “serious cash” for the masks.

You can listen to the entire podcast below. However, if you just want to read about Taylor’s mask-processes, a full transcription of their chat with Dean Delray can be found here.

Back in December, Taylor teased his new mask for the forthcoming 2019 run. Fans’ comments on the picture hint that the photo is potentially just showing off the straps to the new mask. However, that is all the more reason to be excited for what Slipknot has in store.

Additionally, it was revealed that Slipknot have the grossest laundry, according to a celebrity laundryman. In addition to the typical aroma of sweat, Slipknot also managed to bring other strange fluids (and smells) into the mix.

What do you think about Corey Taylor’s relationship with his Slipknot masks? Sound off in the comments below.

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