Slipknot's Corey Taylor is revealing some more details about the masked metal band's upcoming album, their first since 2014's .5: The Gray Chapter. Maggots take note: Taylor says their sixth full-length, due next year, will be heavy like Iowa.

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That's right, the Slipknot vocalist (and Stone Sour frontman) references the band's 2001 sophomore milestone when fielding some fan queries about the group's next long-player during a recent Q&A session with Kerrang. Watch the full video below.

"This is Iowa levels of heavy," Taylor says at one point in the chat, clearly displaying his enthusiasm for the new material. "And I have to go out and tour this shit at my age. I can feel those songs in my back! I am really, really excited about it."

Slipknot on the record

"It's only in the demo stages right now," Taylor says. "However, we have very serious, tentative plans — and I say that because the best way to make God laugh is to announce your plans out loud — to go into the studio at the beginning of next year."

The vocalist's already said he's opening up more lyrically on the new songs, and now fans can expect the album to capture some of that heavy Iowa feel. In fact, Taylor says the new album will blow their most recent LP out of the water.

"We have 16 songs written right now," he adds. "And they are fucking dangerous. I loved .5 [The Gray Chapter], but this album, to me, makes .5 look like nobody’s business." Are you read for Slipknot's next album? Sound off in the comments.

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