The world of mashups have continued to blow our minds as more and more emerge with a blend of artists that shouldn't work, yet somehow do. This time, boy band meets rock band in a Slipknot and NSYNC mashup that will leave your jaw on the floor.

Check out DJ Cummerbund's mashup "Before I Pop" below!

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From combining Post Malone and Hawthorne Heights to mashing together Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy, mashups have been defying genres to create tracks we never knew we needed.

Now, mashup mastermind DJ Cummerbund has merged together Slipknot's "Before I Forget" with NSYNC's "Pop" for an incredible concoction that is surprisingly perfect.

To make the "Before I Pop" mashup even better, the accompanying video will make you feel like you're watching a collaborative Slipknot and NSYNC performance.

According to the video's description, they're not the only ones making an appearance in this unbelievable video.


2. Slipknot
3. Randy "Macho Man" Savage
4. Merry Clayton
5. The Rolling Stones"

Call it Popknot or SlipSYNC, but there's no denying that this mashup actually works.

Check it out below!

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