Slipknot are currently hard at work on the follow up to 2014’s .5: The Gray Chapter, and it appears that they might be bringing a familiar face to help them work on the forthcoming record.

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As noted by one Reddit user in r/Slipknot, the band appears to be working with their self-titled and Iowa producer Ross Robinson for their upcoming release.

Slipknot working with Ross Roninson from r/Slipknot


What's more?

While the band is still in the early stages of recording, in a recent Q&A session with Kerrang, the vocalist shared that the band's next full-length effort will be reminiscent of their 2001 sophomore milestone release, Iowa.

“This is Iowa levels of heavy,” Taylor said. “And I have to go out and tour this shit at my age. I can feel those songs in my back! I am really, really excited about it.”

And since Robinson was partially responsible for the making of that record, we can't help but think that this means he could be working on the new release.

Slipknot's album, everything we know so far:

The band's vocalist, Corey Taylor, has said that 2019 is the year fans will see the band’s sixth full-length effort and first record release since 2014’s .5: The Gray Chapter.

The vocalist’s already said he’s opening up more lyrically on the new songs, and now fans can expect the album to capture some of that heavy Iowa feel. In fact, Taylor says the new album will blow their most recent LP out of the water.

“We have 16 songs written right now,” he adds. “And they are fucking dangerous. I loved .5 [The Gray Chapter], but this album, to me, makes .5 look like nobody’s business.”

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