The members of Slipknot have been promoting their collaboration with a super spooky haunted house. The one of a kind attraction calls itself “the Slaughterhouse,” and with good reason.

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Located in Des Moines, the creepy experience propels whoever is brave enough to enter through a series of gory attractions. Viewers are meant to take the place of animals that go through actual slaughterhouses. Of course, the exhibit overflows with nightmarish tinges at every corner.

“It's a whole other world. It's a cinematic walk-through experience," says creative director Ian Miller. “And at the Slaughterhouse, the people are the pigs.”

The trailer takes potential scare-seekers through the creative minds behind the attraction, and Slipknot themselves. Miller says that much of the decoration cater to the band’s lyricism and overall energy.

“It’s all about a special experience, making it one-on-one, almost,” Slipknot percussionist M. Shawn Crahan told the Des Moines Register. “It really is going to be a moment in our history, in their history. And our history in Des Moines.”

Check out the trailer below.

Admission for the haunted house is $20. The Slaughterhouse will be open every Thursday through Sunday in October, as well as Halloween night. You can secure tickets for the Slaughterhouse here.

Additionally, from Oct. 18 through Oct. 21, fans can take a guided tour with a member of Slipknot. You can pick up VIP tickets here.

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