For well over a year, Slipknot fans have been trying to discover the true identity of the band's newest member "Tortilla Man."

Now, it looks like Slipknot may have just accidentally confirmed the member's identity in their merch store.

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After the band parted ways with Chris Fehn in 2019, Tortilla Man was soon added to the band's lineup. The new addition led to a slew of fan theories on who the member could be. In August, Reddit users began to theorize that Tortilla Man is actually Michael Pfaff, the keyboardist for Shawn “Clown” Crahan’s other band Dirty Little Rabbits.

Then, in December, fans got the footage they believed was all they needed to identify Tortilla Man. Upon their arrival at Knotfest Mexico, fans saw a musician traveling with the band. Fans began to speculate that this musician must be the Tortilla Man. Then, back in February 2020, a Facebook post seemed to further prove that Pfaff is Tortilla Man.

Now, it looks like Slipknot may have actually confirmed that Pfaff is Tortilla Man. Slipknot recently launched a line of neck gaiters inspired by each member's mask. There are nine designs in total and the band's U.K. store seemingly gave away the true identity of Slipknot's latest addition with the new items.

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All of the items are listed by the name of each musician. So there's a "Clown Mask, "Mick Mask" and so on. However, for a brief time after the items' launch, the description for the Tortilla Man mask was "Pfaff Neck Gaiter Face Cover."

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In other Slipknot news, Corey Taylor recently debuted two new songs from his forthcoming solo album CMFT. His star-studded video for "CMFT Must Be Stopped" includes Marilyn MansonJudas Priest‘s Rob HalfordMetallica‘s Lars Ulrich and more. His new album arrives Oct. 2.

Do you think Tortilla Mask is actually Michael Pfaff? Let us know in the comments below.