Slipknot guitarist Jim Root has responded to criticism about the band’s latest album We Are Not Your Kind. 

Root spoke with The Art and Span Show about people who make comments about the record not containing any guitar solos. 

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“Well, obviously, Mick (Thomson) and I are very into guitar, we love playing guitar, loving doing solos over every song, but that didn’t occur to me. I was more concerned about the arrangements and making a good song top to bottom.” 

He added that there’s a “non-traditional solo” on “Spiders,” which is what he loves.

“The point I’m trying to make is I get to think outside of the box and approach guitar playing in a way that I would never approach it with a song like ‘Spiders’ because Clown wrote that song and it didn’t come from my mind, so it’s hard for me to process it,” he continued.

He also added that the overall reception from fans online about the album have been more positive than negative. 

“Music is art and art is opinion and everyone has a different take on it but we live in a different day-and-age now where anybody can put their unneeded opinions out,” he said of people commenting onlilne. 

In the full interview, he talks about the writing process of the album and how it all eventually came together to be the band’s smash-hit record. Check out the full interview down below. 

You can listen to “Spiders” and We Are Not Your Kind in-full below.

More Slipknot news

One Slipknot fan has posted an amazing rendition of the band’s song “Devil In I” that they performed on a cello while wearing a mask. 

The song is from the band’s 2014 album .5: The Gray Chapter.

The cellist wears a mask while giving the intense performance which incorporates both strumming and plucking on the instrument in a way that can only be described as hardcore. 

The YouTube user SugarCello wears both the masks of Corey Taylor and Shawn “Clown” Crahan. You can see the incredible cover video below. 

Also, listen to Slipknot’s original track below.

What do you think of the Slipknot album thinking outside-of-the-box with its guitar solos? Sound off in the comments down below!

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