Smash Mouth singer’s fiancé seeks restraining order against him

Most people know Smash Mouth for their songs popping up across Shrek soundtracks, but frontman Steve Harwell is being accused of something a little less PG than those movies.

Harwell’s fianceé, Esther Campbell, is seeking a restraining order against the “All Star” singer for allegedly engaging in “threatening behavior” toward her.

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According to documents obtained TMZ, Campbell is accusing Harwell of volatile behavior caused by an excessive drinking habit.

In the documents, she further claims Harwell’s management warned her not to file for a protective order because he has the “means” to make her life difficult.

The couple were originally planning to move in together this Monday (September 30). Campbell alleges when she ditched that plan Harwell began threatening her with harassing texts and phone calls.

Campbell alleges Harwell ordered a $7000 septic tank repair on her house with the intent of moving in and has threatened to leave her with the debt knowing she can’t pay it.

On top of the restraining order, Campbell is requesting a judge to order Harwell to undergo mandatory rehab.

The pair were dating for over a year prior to their engagement last month. She currently says the engagement is on hold until Harwell gets help for his habit and attitudes.

A representative for Harwell denies Campbell’s claim his management threatened her in any way.

The band are performing in Las Vegas this coming Friday. They’ll be performing at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for the Epicurean Charitable Foundation’s 13th annual M.E.N.U.S. gala.

What do you think of the restraining order between the Smash Mouth frontman and his fiancee? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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