Snapchat introduced their shows feature almost a year ago as a way to win back users, but the app is getting a bit of an overhaul.

The lineup of "creator shows" is getting a test with a Netflix-like home page to separate this content from the main Discovery page.

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At the moment, Snapchat's shows are sitting in the Discovery section but according to Mashable, an additional swipe over reveals a hidden shows tab.

The new "Shows" tab offers a much cleaner page than the Discovery tab, resembling streaming platform's layouts.

At the top, you'll see a promoted show while a queue of recently watched and subscribed shows appears in a list below.


[Photo via Mashable][/caption]A Snapchat spokesperson confirmed the company is testing the "Shows" section but didn't say whether it could become more widely available.

The app has been putting a lot of resources into their shows over the past year so it's not surprising they want to clean up the overall look.

The time they're spending on this isn't being wasted though as they're reporting viewership has tripled since the introduction.

According to Digiday, NBC's news show, "Stay Tuned," averaged between 25 million and 35 million monthly viewers last year. Snapchat's original programming is also showing promising results, with "Bringing up Bahbie" drawing more than 10 million viewers in its first 24 hours.

Those numbers come in through their Discovery section too, which has been dismissed as a mess to look through. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has even described the feature as kind of like walking around the grocery store "without the aisles labelled."

What do you think of Snapchat adding a shows section on their app? Let us know in the comments below.

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