Soon, your Tinder matches might be able to get to know you a little better because soon, you can share your Snapchat stories to your profile on the dating app.

The new function is part of a huge announcement Snapchat made about upcoming developments in the app. Those include expansion of Bitmojis to other apps, incorporating other platforms’ content on Snapchat and more.

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During the company’s Partner Summit, they said they were bringing Stories to third-party apps such as Tinder and Houseparty. 

Tinder will be one of the first apps to get the App Stories feature. Now, prospective matches can get a glimpse into more of your day-to-day life before things get serious.

During the summit, the company discussed other apps they would be expanding into. Bitmoji, which is owned by Snapchat, will be coming to Venmo and available on Fitbit smartwatches. On the watches, the user’s Bitmoji will change expressions based on their activity level throughout the day.

Also, the company said that Netflix, GoFundMe, VSCO and Anchor will be able to share content from their platforms onto the Snapchat app, which just opens a whole world of possibilities.

Yesterday, we reported that Snapchat was developing its own games and creating a gaming service within the app. Along with using third-party developed games, the platform has also created its own first game utilizing Bitmoji avatars.

The one game that Snapchat developed itself is Bitmoji Party. It is designed to be played live with small groups of people. You can play it by tapping the new rocket icon inside the chat window and then invite friends.

The game sounds pretty similar to Mario Party. There will be mini-games involving zombies, pools and avoiding being kicked by a huge boot. Whoever stars the game with their friends is the “game master” that terrorizes their friends’ avatars.

Alongside Bitmoji Party, Snapchat unveiled other games by other developers available on the new service. One is a collaborative word game called Alphabear Hustle. They also dropped a racing game, C.A.T.S.: Drift Race, a zombie game called Zombie Rescue Squad, and two battle royale games that sound similar to Fortnite called Tiny Role and Snake Squad.

While all of these games are multiplay, the app says soon, solo-player games will be available.

The new features might be a way to win users back after 2018’s top iPhone apps showed a drop in Snapchat’s use.

What do you think of all the new Snapchat features? Sound off in the comments below!

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