Saturday Night Live has not only featured artists in the scene as hosts and musical performers, but the NBC show has also poked fun at the alternative music scene in general in various skits. 

Whether it’s making Paramore parodies or heavy-metal lullabies, SNL has made several hilarious jokes over the years that are particularly near and dear to scene kids. 

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To make it even better, many of the sketches feature performers who are scene kids at heart, such as Pete Davidson, Kristen Stewart and more.

We rounded up 10 of the best SNL sketches that made hilarious jokes about pop punk, scene kids and everything in between. You can check those out below. 

Kristen Stewart as Hayley Williams

Arguably the crown jewel of this list, Kristen Stewart knocked this Hayley Williams impersonation out of the park, singing a pop-punk track that could pass for a Sum 41 deep cut. Joined by Pete Davidson, Kyle Mooney and Mikey Day, the group kill this rendition of “Corporate Nightmare” while sporting emo hair, side bangs, lip rings and a whole lot of punk-rock attitude.

"Goth Talk"

The recurring sketch “Goth Talk” featuring hosts Azrael Abyss (Chris Kattan) and Circe Nightshade (Molly Shannon) was one of the best '90s SNL skits. The hilarious talk show featured two over-the-top goths who were spooky, sultry and a tad bit dorky. It pokes fun at the emo and grunge scene kids at the time who were into obscure music and everything dark and scary. 

Pete Davidson as Jack Skellington

Pete Davidson made every Nightmare Before Christmas fan die laughing when he recently unveiled his inner Jack Skellington in a sketch about his skinny legs. He showed off his talent of having “long skinny ass legs like Jack Skellington” while wearing a costume exactly like the Tim Burton character. In the end, his character’s unique talent earned him the official Mr. Chicken Legs crown, and rightfully so.

Green Day/Will Ferrell

This otherwise normal performance of Green Day'sEast Jesus Nowhere” is made into a hilarious gag when actor Will Ferrell joins the band to play cowbell. At the end of the track, he interrupts Billie Joe Armstrong’s vocals to ask if the song is “still going on,” making Armstrong and the audience laugh out loud.

Nickelback lyrics as someone's dying words

When you think of someone’s dying words, Nickelback lyrics are probably the furthest thing from your mind. However, a few years back, actor Sterling K. Brown received an earful of Nickelback lyrics reinterpreted as an old woman's dying words while hosting SNL. In “Dying Mrs. Gomez,” Melissa Villaseñor portrays a woman close to death, and she has some sage words to share with the week's guest host Brown. Those final pearls of wisdom begin with the classic couplet, “Never made it as a wise man/I couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing.”

Halsey as Riverdale's Betty Cooper

Halsey amazed everyone when she pulled double duty as both host and music guest during a 2019 SNL episode. She gave a spot-on Betty Cooper impression that made every Riverdale fan fall over laughing. Halsey just truly gets scene kids, whether it’s the music we like, the shows we stan and the causes we care about, and she can always make us laugh.

Pete Davidson as MGK

Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly are BFFs in real life, so Davidson never fails to take advantage of a chance to joke about his friend on SNL. In 2020, he impersonated MGK in a sketch, sporting his VMAs hot pink look, blond hair and signature pearl necklace. Also, when MGK performed on SNL earlier this year, the two hugged so hard at the end of the show that they literally fell off the SNL stage. All of this is proof that we need more of this duo on SNL regularly. 

"Punk Band Reunion At The Wedding"

The always hilarious Fred Armisen nails the garage-punk band reunion in this sketch where his old band, Crisis Of Conformity, perform at his daughter’s wedding. The premise alone is funny, and it's made even better that Bill Hader, Ashton Kutcher and Dave Grohl are his bandmates. Watching this makes us want to jam to “Fistfight In The Parking Lot” on repeat because it honestly goes hard. 

SoundCloud rappers parody

SNL poked fun at the culture of face-tattooed emo SoundCloud rappers in the sketch “Rap Roundtable,” featuring Davidson and Timothee Chalamet as duo Xan Mob. It’s basically five minutes of them making fun of the ad-libs that rappers use and is pretty hilarious if you’re into the scene. 

"Kiddie Metal"

This sketch starring Adam Sandler and Kiefer Sutherland as Axl Rose and Slash makes a hilarious metal version of kids’ songs. It’s posed as an old-school infomercial and features renditions of “Jimmy Crack Corn” and “Old MacDonald” that are actually pretty heavy.

Do you have a favorite music-related SNL sketch? Sound off in the comments below!