So, what’s so great about the Fest, anyway? Members of Touché Amoré, Mineral, Into It. Over It. and more give their perspectives.

As you listen, you’ll see that a commonality emerges in what artists and festees tend to agree made this year in particular fantastic.

“The Descendents are playing, and I feel like that’s the Fest band,” says Candy Hearts vocalist Mariel Loveland. “If there’s one thing that ties literally 95 percent of the people who are here, it’s the fact that everybody loves the Descendents.”

Even without a common fest favorite, the artists playing would still have something a little less tangible to connect them, creating the unique community that gathers annually for Fest.

“The bands this year are all a super close-knit circle of friends,” Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It.) explains.

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Shot and edited by Bryce Hall

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