It's no secret that we're living in a time of uncertainty due to the rapid global spread of coronavirus. The virus has caused many concerts to postpone in addition to temporarily shutting down large corporate retailers. According to the CDC, one way to prevent the spread of the disease is by social distancing. The organization defines this as “remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings and maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet or 2 meters) from others when possible.”

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For musicians, this means that they'll be at home taking time off from touring. Check out how some of your favorite artists are practicing social distancing below. Remember to stay inside if you can, wash your hands for 20 seconds, avoid touching your face and disinfect your surfaces frequently.

1. Jack Barakat – binge-watching movies and Instagram filters

All Time Low guitarist Jack Barakat is quarantining himself while watching ’90s movies, utilizing Instagram filters and witnessing his bandmate Rian Dawson get kidnapped. He even stated in an Instagram story that he would review each one. His first film was Chris Farley's and Matthew Perry's 1998 Almost Heroes. He rated the action-comedy 10/10. If Barakat is on a ’90s movie kick, it's only a matter of time before he circles through the Home Alone franchise again.

2. SWMRS – TikTok dance challenges

Three out of four members of SWMRS hopped on TikTok and created a dance challenge for their song "April In Houston." TikTok challenges are very in right now, and the most popular dances include the "Renegade" dance and Doja Cat's "Say So" dance. Maybe this challenge will make their song go viral on the social media app.

3. YUNGBLUD – livestreaming (or watching them)

Like Code Orange and gnash,YUNGBLUD livestreamed a concert with no audience all over the world on YouTube. He even had special guests Bella Thorne, Machine Gun Kelly and Oliver Tree. Don't worry: He kept a good distance from his bandmates. Tree also had a cooking segment. The two used hand sanitizer, bumped elbows and made Hot Cheeto pancakes. MGK and Bella Thorne played a drinking game as well that ended in an “I Think I’m OKAY” performance.

4. Jetty Bones – getting creative

Jetty Bones, unfortunately, had her tour with Tiny Moving Parts, Belmont and Capstan cut short. However, she's not stopping any time soon. She's using her time off the road away from people to build up content in her Patreon account. For any creative person, this social distancing period is the perfect time to write, film or photograph any project you've put off for a while. It can be put online for sale, streaming or made just for you. There's no right or wrong way to create, and Jetty Bones makes that clear through her work. There are several ways to support your favorite musicians during this time, too.

5. Mark Hoppus – video games

Mark Hoppus is passing his time playing the Nintendo Switch. Video games are a great idea, and anyone can argue that these games enhance hand-eye coordination. That's a form of exercise, right?

6. Hayley Williams – performing

Hayley Williams is using her time to perform stripped-down songs for fans to see. In this Instagram video, she sings a song from her solo project "Leave It Alone" alongside Paramore and Petals For Armor bassist Joey Howard. On Twitter, she played an acoustic guitar and covered the 1997 track "Things She Said" by Kent.

7. Bishop Briggs – Sims

Bishop Briggs is playing her favorite game uninterrupted: The Sims. The singer is a huge fan of the game and even recorded her song "The Way I Do" in the Simlish language. It's time to build a better Sim life or beat that score in a game you've put off for a while.

8. Frank Iero – hanging with pets

Frank Iero is spending his time with his little fur baby, Lois. Everyone can spend a little extra time with their pets, whether they're furry, feathery, scaly, etc. Just don't pet your fish.

9. Garrett Nickelsen – supporting local businesses safely

The Maine bassist Garrett Nickelsen is enjoying coffee alone. Many local coffee shops are still open across the United States. You can support small businesses by going through the drive-thru or getting a carry-out coffee. Additionally, you can order local coffee beans online to support their operation.

10. Billie Joe Armstrong – searching for new music

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is using this time off to showcase young musicians on his Instagram page. Searching for new music is a must during this time of social distancing. Look at your favorite artists' social media to see what they're listening to, and check out AP Discover on Spotify for new alternative songs, too!